Report Submission Policy


User - A person or an entity who uses services in accordance with the Agreement signed with the service provider.
Active User - A person or an entity who has one or more active services.
Inactive User - A person or an entity without any services or the services are cancelled or terminated.
Visitor - A person or an entity that is browsing the Providers website at
Services - Either or both services and products provided by the Provider and available via Providers website.
Downtime - A period of time when a service is inactive or inaccessible.
Monthly Services - Services that are applied instantly or provided for a 1-month period.
Long-Term Services - Services that are provided for more than a 1-month period.
Primary Language - English.
Secondary Languages - Urdu.
Primary Currency - USD.
Secondary Currencies - PKR, GBP, INR, EUR, AUD, CAD.
Billing Cycle - A predefined interval of time between two recurring payments.
Billing Account - The account at holding a summary of all types of services provided to the User. Billing account may be is also entitled as Client Area.
Credit Balance - The amount of funds in the Users account.
Confirmed Affiliate Income - The amount of money that the User earned through the Affiliate System.
Reseller - A person or an entity who is accepted to OBHost Reseller Program and gets access to the services and benefits of OBHost Reseller Program.
Affiliate Earned Funds - The amount of money that the User received.
Complaining Party - the User or an interested 3rd party that submits a report, concerning the violation of Acceptable Use policy.
Authorized payments - Automatic transactions that are pre-approved by the User.

Report Submission Policy [v3.2 07/2019]

[1] General Guidelines

1.1.The Provider accepts reports from the complaining party if the User is conducting illegal activities while using OBHost services.
1.2.All reports must be prepared in fluent English.
1.3.The report is applicable only if it includes legal grounds which sustain the claim.
1.4.The complaining party must file the report in person, through a lawyer or a legal firm, authorized to represent the person or the company. If the report is submitted by a lawyer or a legal firm, a proof of representation agreement must be presented along with the report.
1.5.The complaining party must include sufficient and accurate contact information - an email and a telephone number.
1.6.The report must be submitted via email or through the Ticket System only.

[2] Copyright Violation Report

2.1.In case of copyright violation, the Provider acts as a mediator of the complaining party and the User, if the User agrees to cooperate.
2.2.The copyright infringement report must contain (but is not limited to) the reasoning of the report and direct links to the copyrighted material. If the report is made by the copyright owner, it must contain evidence of the copyright ownership.
2.3.The Provider reserves the right to request additional information in order to confirm the violation of the copyright policy.

[3] Phishing Report

3.1.An email phishing report must contain a copy of the phishing email in question. It must be attached in text form with full headers, timestamps, source and destination data.
3.2.A screenshot of the phishing email in question is optional.
3.3.A website based-phishing report must contain a full URL path (not only a domain or a subdomain) to the phishing page.
3.4.A screenshot of the phishing website with a brief description is mandatory. The exact time of the screenshot take must be provided as well.

[4] SPAM Report

4.1.An email spam report must contain a copy of the email in question. It must be attached to the report in text, with full headers, timestamps, source and destination data..
4.2.The email spam report must contain a brief explanation of why the complaining party considers the email to be spam..
4.3.A screenshot of the email in question is optional.

[5] Network Abuse Report

5.1.In case of network abuse, including (but not limited to) flooding, spoofing, scanning, brute-forcing, exploiting and botnets, the complaining party must provide sufficient amount of log excerpts and indicate the exact time of the incident in question.

[6] Defamation and Libel Report

6.1.In case of defamation and libel, the Provider reserves the right not to be put in the position to determine the veracity of the User.
6.2.The Provider will not judge, censor or control the content in any other form, even if the complaining party finds it offensive.
6.3.The complaining party has the right to express its concerns directly to the creator of the content only.

[7] Child Pornography Report

7.1.A child pornography report must contain the exact URL where the abuse is taking place.
7.2.Any additional information to help the Provider determine the exact source of the content is strongly appreciated.
7.3.Suspected offenders are immediately reported to the legal authorities. The Provider fully cooperates with any ongoing investigation.

[8] Credit Card Fraud Report

8.1.In case of a credit card fraud, the complaining party must provide the first and the last name of the card holder along with the first 4 and last 4 numbers of the credit card in question, card type and expiration date.
8.2.In case of unauthorized charges, the complaining party must provide the exact time and the amount of the charge in question.