What do I do if my VPS is offline or down?

Your VPS may be down or offline for a variety of reasons. In this article, we'll show you how to get your VPS online and running again. Please follow the guide below to get things working.
  1. Confirm that the VPS is down. Are you able to ping the VPS? If it is pinging, then the machine is online and a service (like Apache or MySQL) within the VPS is down. 
  2. Has the VPS been used for purposes not allowed within our Terms of Service? The VPS may have been suspended, in which case you will need to open a ticket to get it unsuspended.
  3. Are iptables rules stopping your VPS from being accessible? You can check this within your billing panel.
  4. Have you just reinstalled your VPS? The template that you used may have broken, in which case you will need to open a ticket to get us to fix it.
If you need to contact us about your VPS being down, you should include the following in your ticket:
  1. Have you made any recent changes to the VPS?
  2. The IP address of your VPS
  3. Whether we may perform a reinstallation to bring it online or if we should troubleshoot.

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