Is my website down?

We pride ourselves in all aspects of our platform.  As such, our platform uses Mod Security.  This is an application layer firewall which in real time will monitor your website and block any bad traffic, including brute force attacks.

Mod Security protects your website and data from the 'bad guys' by blocking the IP address of the attacker.

If, while working on your website you experience a 403 error or a "timeout" error, this is likely to be a Mod Security trigger, which in turn can block your IP.  

We can investigate this and isolate the trigger in turn white listing the trigger and your IP.

A good way to test your website is to visit your sites over a device which is not connected to your local network (e.g. a mobile device on 4G or 3G).

If you can access the site, then your IP address may have been blocked by your account's security.

Simply visit and confirm your public IP address for us by raising a support ticket - we can then remove any blocks.

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