Affilate Policy


User - A person or an entity who uses services in accordance with the Agreement signed with the service provider.
Active User - A person or an entity who has one or more active services.
Inactive User - A person or an entity without any services or the services are cancelled or terminated.
Visitor - A person or an entity that is browsing the Providers website at
Services - Either or both services and products provided by the Provider and available via Providers website.
Downtime - A period of time when a service is inactive or inaccessible.
Monthly Services - Services that are applied instantly or provided for a 1-month period.
Long-Term Services - Services that are provided for more than a 1-month period.
Primary Language - English.
Secondary Languages - Urdu.
Primary Currency - USD.
Secondary Currencies - PKR, GBP, INR, EUR, AUD, CAD.
Billing Cycle - A predefined interval of time between two recurring payments.
Billing Account - The account at holding a summary of all types of services provided to the User. Billing account may be is also entitled as Client Area.
Credit Balance - The amount of funds in the Users account.
Confirmed Affiliate Income - The amount of money that the User earned through the Affiliate System.
Reseller - A person or an entity who is accepted to OBHost Reseller Program and gets access to the services and benefits of OBHost Reseller Program.
Affiliate Earned Funds - The amount of money that the User received.
Complaining Party - the User or an interested 3rd party that submits a report, concerning the violation of Acceptable Use policy.
Authorized payments - Automatic transactions that are pre-approved by the User.

Affilate Policy [v3.2 07/2019]

[1] Joining the Affiliate Program

1.1.The Users participation in the program is solely for this purpose: to legally advertise OBHost and its partners and receive a commission on sales generated by the Users referrals. The User also agrees to receive emails regarding the Affiliate program.
1.2.By registering as an Affiliate, the User agrees to the terms of the Affiliate Policy.
1.3.Affiliate accounts with inaccurate contact information are not approved.

[2] Affiliate Account Suspension

2.1.The Provider reserves the right to suspend the Users account anytime based on violations of Terms of Service and/or the affiliate policy.
2.2.The Provider reserves the right to determine if the Users website is not suitable for our Affiliate program, including (but not limited to) the content that is not compatible with the Providers policies or is considered illegal, harmful or threatening in any way.
2.3.The Affiliate may not use OBHost trademark as a part of his website domain name.
2.4.Affiliate accounts referring a large number of fraudulent clients, will be suspended. The Provider reserves the right to determine fraud following internal procedures.
2.5.Affiliate accounts referring a large number of clients who do chargebacks after the 45- day pending period may be suspended.

[3] Linking and Advertising

3.1.The Affiliate may use graphic and text links both on his website and e-mails.
3.2.OBHost may also be advertised offline in classified ads, magazines and newspapers.
3.3.The Affiliate may use the graphics and texts provided to him by the Provider, or create his own as long as they are deemed not intrusive and appropriate under Terms of Service.
3.4.The Affiliate may not use traffic that is generated by pay to click, click exchanges, CPV advertising, purchased traffic or similar methods.
3.5.The Affiliate may not use cookie stuffing techniques, setting tracking cookie without the referral clicking on the Affiliate link.
3.6.The Affiliate may not use redirected pages and links to send a referral to the Providers website.
3.7.Domain forwarding is strictly prohibited - the Affiliate may not use a domain to forward directly to the Providers website using his Affiliate link.
3.8.The Affiliate may not bid on or use the Providers trademark, trademark +, or misspelled brand keywords for PPC on any online search engine. 3.9.If the Provider determines that the Affiliates advertising or linking activity can be identified as spam, The Provider reserves the right to suspend his Affiliate account. The Provider reserves the right to determine spam following internal procedures.
3.10.It is the Affiliates responsibility to ensure that his tracking code is working properly before sending traffic to the Providers servers.The Provider is not responsible for any modification made to Affiliate links. Affiliate commissions are not paid for tracking errors caused by editing, masking, redirecting or tampering with Affiliate links. 3.11.Default cookie tracking is set for 90 days.

[4] Affiliate Commissions and Rates

4.1.Commissions are approved only from new and unique referred clients, or clients who buy a new type of hosting service. Commissions from existing clients are approved only if they buy a new type of hosting service for the first time. In this case, commissions will be valid for all bought services during the 90-day cookie period. 4.2.The Affiliate receives 15% of the amount if his referrals purchase services from the Provider.
4.3.The Affiliate commissions didnt apply on domain names.
4.4.All confirmed Affiliate income is kept under pending supervision up to 45 days until the Provider confirms the referrals and assigns the income to Affiliate earned funds. 4.4.In order for an Affiliate to qualify for Affiliate earned funds, his referral must have an active service for at least 30 days.
4.5.Affiliate accounts must be active at the time of the referral sale. The Affiliate is not eligible for commissions from referrals when his Affiliate account was suspended or before it was approved.
4.6.If the Affiliate buys a service through his own Affiliate link - the commissions for that sale will not be approved and such actions may lead to account suspension. 4.7.Missing or untracked Affiliate referrals must be reported during 45-day period after the purchase. Each case is reviewed individually. The Provider reserves the right to the final decision whereas the sale in question should be credited to the Affiliate.
4.8.The commissions are paid once a month.

[5] Affiliate Payments

5.1.Affiliate system is limited to primary currency (USD).
5.2.Affiliate payments are issued via available payment gateway or transferred to OBHost account credit.
5.3.A minimum amount of $50 affiliate earned funds must be collected before commissions are paid. Earned funds are paid at the beginning of each month.
5.4.Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that the payment information is accurate and up to date. The Provider is not responsible for any lost payments due to inaccurate Affiliate information.
5.5.If the Affiliates Payment account details are incorrect or Payment gateway refuses to accept the payment, the commission payment will be reissued within 60 days. If the Provider does not receive the correct Affiliate payment information within 120 days of commission generation, earned Affiliate commissions will be declined.
5.6.Affiliates are responsible for any taxes, fees, exchange rates or other expenses in regard of approved Affiliate commissions.

[6] Affiliate Account Cancellation

6.1.The User has the right to cancel his affiliate account, while keeping his active service account. To do so, a written request must be submitted by submitting a ticket.
6.2.Affiliate accounts are tied together with a billing account. In cases when affiliate accounts or billing accounts are suspended due to breach of Terms of Service, the Provider reserves the right to close either or both accounts.
4.8.The commissions are paid once a month.